The Astonishing Weight of the Dead (poems, 1994)
Polestar Press

Built to Take It: Selected Poems 1996-2013 (poems, 2014)
Lynx House Press

Counting the Hours: City Poems (poems, 1983)
McClelland & Stewart

A Country Not Considered: Canada, Culture, Work (essays, 1993)
House of Anansi Press

Free Time (poems, 1977)
Macmillan of Canada

If You’re Not Free at Work, Where Are You Free: Literature and Social Change (essays and interviews, 2018)
Guernica Editions

I’ll Be Right Back: New and Selected Poems 1980-1996 (poems, 1996)
Ontario Review Press

Money & Rain: Tom Wayman Live (poems, 1975)
Macmillan of Canada
a) book = $10
b) book and cassette tape* = $20
*A cassette tape was a sound recording technique, played back on a dedicated device, predating CDs and MP3s. Due to its “live” nature (each poem is preceded by a prose introduction, modeled on the public reading format), Money and Rain is available in 2 formats: book alone, AND boxed set of book + cassette tape. Cassette Tape SIDE 1: poetry readings recorded in a studio / SIDE 2: poetry readings recorded before a live audience.

Winter’s Skin (poems, 2013)
Oolichan Books

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