Everything happens someplace. And on Saturday, Feb. 9, I’m going to be conducting an all-genre workshop in Nakusp, BC, on the importance of the setting, of the local, in people’s fiction, nonfiction, or poetry. The workshop runs from 1 to 4 pm, is open to all, and will be held in the same building as the Nakusp Library (in the back), 92 – 6th Ave. NW. Cost is $25.

To register, please contact Corinne Tessier at:  tessiercl{at}me.com

The workshop intends to help authors to achieve the aim described by former Canadian poet laureate, and long-time West Kootenay resident, Fred Wah: “The goal is not writing about the local, but writing that embeds the local.” Among other topics, we’ll touch on the politics of not writing about New York, London, LA, or Toronto. We’ll wrestle with the issue of how time impacts setting: as Einstein noted, place and time are interwoven parts of a single whole. And we’ll consider some aspects of what establishes a sense of the local, regardless of where and when your story or poem may be set.