Welcome to my website and thank you for dropping by. My intent on this site is to showcase, as well as tell you about, a little of my work as a writer. Plus to keep you up to date on my book publications. For the full experience of the website, check out:

FAQ – for information on Did I Miss Anything?, still my most reprinted poem.

BIO – for biographical information.

WRITING – for samples of my poetry, fiction, and essays.

PURCHASE – find out which books are in print, and which of my earlier titles are no longer in print but available for purchase directly from me. My in-print titles are available through your independent local bookstore or online retailer or follow the links provided to buy from the respective publisher.

NEWS – I list some nice things that have happened (or are planned) with regard to my writing. Nothing here about the rejections, setbacks, and disappointments that are the more usual experience for me and every other writer.

REVIEWS – some sample reviews (only positive ones, of course) of my writing.

CONTACT – for my contact co-ordinates.

Again, thanks for visiting.

Tom Wayman